On June 21, 2014, AvatarComedian (known on Wikia as the same name but with a trademark sign on his username) stated that GoAnimate Wiki should be closed due to repetative vandalism caused by some GoAnimate Wiki users, and long inactivity of the wiki founder. Shinegreymon96 was caused for vandalism and Knowledgecenter was caused for inactivity. Around a 20th part of the wiki was moved to a new wiki called GoAnimate V2 Wiki, created by Optimus500050 (AKA Jamiem2001) from the GoAnimate Wiki.

A huge part of users are still active on GoAnimate Wiki even the wiki is beginning to close down and successfully move out to the new wiki. Blue Mario, one of the GoAnimate Wiki users, will close down the wiki by the end of June 2014, totally passing off the old GoAnimate Wiki and deleting it.

Shinegreymon96 is hopefully already blocked on the GoAnimate V2 wiki.....

The GoAnimate V2 Wiki

The wiki is a restore of GoAnimate Wiki on a new location, after people learned about repetative vandalism caused by users like Assfag, Hackforumsdotnet, Shinegreymon96, Greatlegoman29 (previously), DoctaCaffeine, Sam Chen, SallyJones1998,  etc. and on that way they want to destroy GoAnimate and its unofficial wiki. Blue Mario continues to be on GoAnimate V2 Wiki until he says to everyone to visit the new GoAnimate V2 Wiki.

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