this is fictional! none of this actually happened

The incident

It was thanksgiving, and people were partying,one guys party in particularly was very loud, it was so loud that the cops recived a noise complaint, when they arived at the house a policeman pointed a machine gun at the man and shot him 20 times. He died a few seconds later, he was also unarmed

The news report

This story was reported on every major news station, they pointed out that the policeman was a former kkk member and that the victim was black.

The protests

When news broke out of this incident, thousands of citizens gathered up and peacefully protested, but a group of policemen (including the one that shot the man), showed up a told the protestors that if they did'nt leave they would be forced to use force! the protestors didn't leave, so the police used tear gas on the protestors, the protestors ran away!

The riots

A few hours after the tear gas incident, the protestors returned and start blowing up buildings, shooting policemen, singing anti police songs, putting graffiti, burning cars, hacking police websites and reveling personal information of the policemen! many people died

The trial and death of the policeman

After the riots the policeman went to court and was accused of 2nd degree murder, after 49 hours he was charged with second degree murder and received a 110 year sentence, he attacked the jury but he was shot killed by another policeman, after this the riots stopped

The damages

Freddy Fazbear's pizza restaurant blown up-1,000,000 gobucks in damages

KFC blown up- 500,000 gobucks in damages

School blown up- 30,000,000 gobucks in damages

2300 deaths- 10,000,000,000 gobucks in funeral costs

100,000 injuries- 300,000,000 gobucks in hospital costs

3000 cars burned- 3,000,000

190 LEGO City Octan Gas Stations in Go City were on fire- 599,002,123,442

Total cost-10334500000 gobucks

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