Events concerning the GoAnimate world in 2015:

Real world

  • January 17 - At midnight Pacific time (time seen on timestamp on post of videos on GoAnimate sites), the GoPlus plan was retired. This was the most controversial update that GoAnimate did, the cause being customer feedback and growing subscription base.
  • January - GoAnimate relaunches with a new layout.
  • February 13 - GoAnimate teams up with Wix to add a video maker on Wix sites.
  • March 21 - GoAnimate adds an feature to import custom fonts (installed on computers).
  • March 25 - GoAnimate removed the dashboard, in order to transform from a social network into a full video making site. Some users believed that GoAnimate may shut down. However, GoAnimate said that they will fix the issue and will replace it with a data feed system somewhere in 2015.
  • May 20 - GoAnimate introduces the characters for the United States presidental election of 2016.
  • June 3 - GoAnimate adds a color update which expands the color library from 256 to 16,777,216 colors.
  • July 6 - Templates on GoAnimate are redesigned.
  • July 14 - GoAnimate adds "audio fading" to its full video maker.
  • July 21 - The comments and private message got removed.
  • August 13 - GoAnimate enables users to export animated GIFs.
  • August 19 - GoAnimate expands to Taiwan.
  • November 25 - All free plans will expire. This was announced a year ago, when GoAnimate launched a two-week free trial.

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