• Sending Broadcasts
    • Putting Your Video In Animation In General
    • Export Your Video To YouTube
    • Tell 1 Person About Your Video
    Send A Broadcast
     (Go+ And Above) - Sending a broadcast lets all your followers know about your video.
  1. Talk About Your Video In Animation In General (Go+ And Above) - This can let who don't follow you to look at your video.
  2. Export Your Video To YouTube (Go+ And Above) - This can let people who do not go on GoAnimate see your video. The quality of how your video looks (Example: 1080p) is how it will look on YouTube.
  3. Send A Private Message To A User - This is the best one if you don't have Go+ or Above. Good for if you only want 1 person to see your video or if you have a privite video.

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