Aaron's Dad got voice cords because his voice sounds funny. Aaron thinks he voice is weird, His dad grounded him.


  • TigerMario2002: as Aaron, Doctor, Mimsie the Cat, and Aaron's Dad (old voice only)


  • Dad: "I need voice cords because my voice sounds funny and weird!"
  • Mom: "OK. Let's go to the doctor!"
  • Doctor: "Welcome to the Voice Cord Doctor. What voice do you want?"
  • Dad: "I want the David voice!"
  • Doctor: "OK."
  • Dad: (David voice) "How does it look?"
  • Aaron: (disgusted) "It sounds like a loud weird voice!"
  • Dad: "Aaron, how dare you say that?!"
  • Mom: "That's it! You are grounded for over 3 weeks! Go upstairs to your room when we get home!"


  • This is the last episode Aaron's Dad's Diesel voice appears.
  • This is the first episode Aaron's Dad's David voice appears

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