Aaron asks his dad if he can get Digimon: The Movie on VHS, he can't because he is still grounded. So he gets it, anyway.


  • Zack as Aaron
  • David as Dad
  • Paul as Manager
  • Jennifer as Mom


Dad: You're still grounded for spying on the neighbors.

[Aaron steals his Dad's Discover credit card and goes to the store]

Manager: May I help you today?

Aaron: I would like to buy Digimon: The Movie on VHS, please. Do you take credit card?

Manager: Yes, sir.

Aaron: Thank you.

(at home)

Aaron: That was an awesome movie.

Dad: Aaron, I can't believe you stole my Discover credit card to buy a Digimon VHS!

Mom: What is going on?

Dad: Dear, you will not believe what Aaron has done! He stole my Discover credit card to buy a Digimon VHS while grounded! I just got a call from the credit card company about this!

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