Aaron Gets Rocko's Modern Life: Season 1 DVD While Grounded

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Aaron asks his dad if he can get Rocko's Modern Life: Season One on DVD. He can't because he's grounded. So he goes and gets it anyway. But when his parents catch Aaron watching the DVD, they punish him by taking away all the things that he likes and forcing him to watch baby children's shows. Created at




  • Animated with      GoAnimate
  • Directed, Produced, and Written by:
  • BrandontheMovieGuy
  • Music Composed by
  • Mark Mothersbaugh
  • Storyboards/Design/Animation
  • C. Elbourn
  •                           *Layout
  •               Stephen Peggy.      Penny Luckey
  •                         *Background
  •                  Mary Gibbs.     Bill Wise.
  •                 Billy Marin.     Jack Romano.
  •                Assembled By.     BrandonTheMovieGuy
  • Clean-up/Inbetween: C. Elbourn
  •   Visual Effects Supervisor:     Scott Kersavage.
  •     Visual Effects Animator:     Peter DeMund.
  •                CG Lighting/Compositing Artists
  •               Allan Gersten,     MacDuff Knox,
  •                            Zhang Xiao.
  •    Technical Animation TDs:      Adam Levy,
  •                                  Dax LaFleur.
  •         Technical Animator:      Matt Steele.
  •        Modeling Supervisor:      Zack Petroc.
  •             Senior Modeler:      Luis Labrador.
  •                       CG Modelers:     
  •              Krzysztof Fus,      Jon Krummel,
  •                   Suzan Kim, Ke Jiang.
  •    Stereoscopic Supervisor:      Robert Neuman.
  •               Stereographer:      Mark Henley.
  •                    Stereoscopic Artists:
  •             Dave Scarpitti,      Darren Simpson,
  •                        Lauren Kramer.
  •         Stereoscopic Artist, Walt Disney Animation Studios:
  •                       David Hochstadter.
  •          Stunt Coordinator:      Garrett Warren.
  •                Stunt Rigger:      David Schultz.
  •                Stunt Double:      Adam Hart.
  •       Stunt Double (Gary Oldman):      Theo Kypri.
  •                           Stunts:
  •               Shawn Kautz, Brian Machleit.
  •                       Utility Stunts:
  •              Shawn Crowder, Brian Simpson.
  •          Key Craft Service: Nick Mestrundrea.
  •              Craft Service: Rebecca Rich.
  •                     Rough Inbetweeners:
  •              Todd Jacobsen, Joe Pitt.
  •                        Scene Planners:
  •               Thomas Baker,      Mark Henley.
  •   Supervising Art Director:      Stefan Dechant.
  •                         Art Directors:
  •               Tim Browning,      Todd Cherniawsky,
  •            Andrew L. Jones,      Mike Stassi,
  •                     Christina Ann Wilson.
  •                          Set Design:
  •              Karen O'Hara,       Peter Young.
  •                    Motion Capture Artists:
  •         Alia Dong-Stewart,       Kirk Dunne.
  •         Motion Capture Production Assistants:
  •          Jennie Grundstad,        Suzanne C. Robertson.
  •       Motion Capture Lead:        John Root.
  • Motion Capture Stage Lead:        Ben Guthrie.
  • Motion Capture Supervisor:        Gary Roberts.
  •        Motion Capture Tracking Assistant:        Brett Skaggs.
  •     Motion Capture Editor:        Kevin Wang.
  •       Motion Capture Engineer:        Joel Prihoda.
  •            Motion Capture System Administration:        Tom Armbruster.
  • Motion Capture Services by: Weta Digital
  •    Motion Capture Pipeline Engineer, Weta Digital:        John Curtis.
  •    Motion Capture Pipeline Manager, Weta Digital:        John Aberdein.
  •    Motion Capture Pipeline Tech Director, Weta Digital:       Ben Murray.
  • Motion Capture Programmer, Weta Digital:       Nebojsa Dragosavac.
  • Motion Capture QC Manager, Weta Digital:      Columbia Lavin.
  • Motion Capture Supervisor, Weta Digital:      DeMan Momcilovic.
  •     Motion Capture Technical Director, Weta Digital:     Gary Marshall
  •             Senior Motion Editors, Weta Digital:
  •                   Basin Haddad,  Jon Tyler,
  •                         Tom Holzinger.
  •      Motion Capture Editor, Weta Digital:       Coralline Ianiri.
  •                      Motion Capture Talent:
  •               Peter Benson,       Jennie Bird,
  •              Lauren Bowler,       Erin Polatynski,
  •          Melissa Robertson,       Callous Stadnyk.
  •              Labor Foreman:      Ed Calderon Jr.
  •                    Laborer:      Iván Maldonado.
  •       Academic Coordinator:      Roy Kendall.
  •           Academic Advisor:      Dr. Rex Gibson.
  •        Educational Advisor:      Michael Marland.
  •           Literary Advisor:      Professor Stanley Wells.
  •               Laboratories:      Mosfilm,
  •                                  Moscow; Studio Film Laboratories Ltd.,
  •                                  United Kingdom.
  •           Video Facilities:      SVC Television (London).
  •       Completion Guarantee:      Film Finances Limited.
  •                   Planning:      Junior Minezaki (WOWOW),
  •                                  Mitsuhisa Ishikawa.
  •       Production Assistant:      Takes Wada (Production I.G.).
  •            Production Head:      Mark Aoki.
  •                  Publicity:      Miyuki Furuki (T.O. Entertainment),
  •                                  Tatsuya Wada (WOWOW),
  •                                  Yuk is I waste (Production I.G.),
  •                                  Yurt aka Endou (WOWOW).
  •       Recording Adjustment:      Mako to Sumiya (Tokyo TV Center).
  •         Assistant Recording Adjustment: Nagayoshi Higashibara (Tokyo TV Center).
  •              Sound Effects:      Naoto Yamatani (Sound Box).
  •           Sound Production:      Kisumu Koizumi (Jinnan Studio).
  •            Special Effects:      Masa hire Murakami.
  •          System Management:      Junichiro Aki.
  •           Recording Studio:      Tokyo TV Center.
  •      Production Assistants:      Vera Lavrik,
  •                                  Anna Roberts,
  •                                  Alina Vlasova.
  •       Production Accountant:      Margaret Stanley.
  • Post Production Supervisor:      Richard LeRoy.
  •             Audio Assistant:      David Eccles.
  •         Recording Engineering:      Jesse Peck,
  •                                  Scott Weber.
  •        Sound Effects & Mix:      Kurt Vanzo.
  • Recording & Mix Engineer Kurt Vanzo.
  • Sound Effects Editors: Teresa Eckton,
  •        David Eccles,
  •                                   Steve Kirklys,
  •                                   Scott Weber,
  •                                   Jesse Peck.
  • Sound Design/Re-Recording Mixing: Gary Rydstrom
  • Sound Production by: Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm company
  • Music Production Engineer:       Robert Casale.
  • Music Production Assistant:       Denis Hannigan.
  • Music Technical Assistant:       Ryan S. Moore.
  •      Assistant to Mr. Mothersbaugh:       Ryan S. Moore.
  •              Track Reading:       Boop Winicki.
  •            Lip Assignments:       Kent Holaday.
  •                     Camera:       Jim Kiefer (Keefer),
  •                                   Laszlo Lakits,
  •                                   Karen Shaffer,
  •                                   Wes Smith,
  •                                   Michael Renly.
  •                    Overseas Animation Facility:      
  •                       Wang Film Productions.
  •        Overseas Supervising Director:       Ferenc Varsanyi.
  •       Main Title Animation:       Peter Chung.
  •        Main Title Animation Assistants:       Julia Murphy,
  •                                    Louis Tate.
  •                  Lettering:       Tamara Verge,
  •                                   Jammy Huang.
  •       Supervising Producer:       Mary E. Harrington.
  •               Story Editor:       Mitchell Kreigman.
  •            Negative Cutter:       D & A Negative Cutting.
  •                   Telecine:       Fred Eldridge,
  •                                   Scott Ostrowsky,
  •                                   Barbara Bartlett-Gardiner.
  •       Video Tape Editorial:       Tom Haigh,
  •                                   Arthur DeIanni,
  •                                   James Spach,
  •                                   Mark Intravartolo,
  •                                   Compact Video Services, Inc.
  •              Special Thanks to the Real Rugrats:
  •                     Brandon, Jarrett, Tommy.
  •                         Credits Music
  • Aaron Theme Song
  • Composed by Kevin MacLeod
  • Performed by C. Elbourn
  • The End
  • Composed by Mark Mothersbaugh
  •                         SPECIAL THANKS
  •                       BRANDONTHEMOVIEGUY
  •                     ROBERTCOATESANIMATION
  •                        THETAILSGRILJADE
  •                        LILEDMOND BROWN
  •                           FATH ROSE
  •                            JOEL M
  • With dedication to CaybyJ
  • (2012-2014)
Format logos 1
                    MPAA logo
       (C) 2012 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
           All Rights Reserved.
  • Distributed by: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


  • Aaron: Can I get please Rocko's Modern Life: Season 1 on DVD?
  • Dad: (angrily) No.
  • Aaron: Why not?
  • Dad: (angrily, shocks him) Because you are grounded and you don't get DVDs while you're grounded!
  • Aaron: (angrily) Oh f%#@ you!
  • Aaron: I'll just go get the DVD myself!
  • Manager: Welcome to the Video Store, how may I help you?
  • Aaron: May I please get Rocko's Modern Life: Season 1 on DVD?
  • Manager: Here you go. Have a nice day!
  • Aaron: (dancing) Yay! I finally got Rocko's Modern Life Season 1 on DVD!
  • (When Aaron got home...)
  • Aaron: Now that I have the DVD, I'm going to watch it right now!
  • Mom: (coming in) Aaron we have... (angrily) Oh my god! Is that a Rocko's Modern Life DVD?
  • Aaron: But, mom, I just made out of cardboard.
  • Mom: Don't lie to me mister! He said that you couldn't get Rocko's Modern Life on DVD, and I'm returning to the video store right now!
  • Aaron: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Don't return it to the video store! I need that DVD!


  • In the picture, we see Aaron with his Rocko's Modern Life DVD and his mom in the living room, his mom got angry at him for getting the DVD.
  • This is similar to what happened to Phillip Richard Bill DeVille. Betty told him not to get Rocko's Modern Life DVD after his argument with Lil. He got it anyway but DeVille's punishment was to go to Coney Island for 4 years. She told him that his punishment meant no computer, no YouTube, no GoAnimate,no Wii, no Pizza Hut, no McDonald's, no Burger King, no friends, no basketball, no IPad, no IPhone, no XBOX, no PS3, no skateboarding, no rollerblading, no soccer, no Video Games, no sports, Disney XD, no Digimon, no arcade, no Rocko's Modern Life, no Territory War, no Call of Duty, no Paintball, no Laser Tag, no soda, no Happy Wheels, no Moby Dick, no weapons, no teenager stuff, and no anything he liked but she didn't say that he couldn't go out with his friend Kimi Finster. To make things worse, his friend Kimi was grounded for 6 long years after getting fat at McDonald's.

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