Aaron goes to the movies to see  Clifford's Puppy Days: The Movie while grounded is a 1997 short film that came before the 1998 film Turret The Movie in theaters.


  • Zack as Aaron
  • David as Dad
  • Jennifer as Mom
  • Kate as Ticket Manager
  • Dave as Theater Manager
  • Amy as Joyce
  • Kayla as Jane
  • Eric as Himself
  • Zack as Himself
  • Brian as Himself
  • Joey as Tom
  • Alan as George (cameo)
  • Brian as Baxter (cameo)
  • Zack as Gunther (cameo)
  • Eric as Stephen (cameo)
  • Elizabeth as Rosie
  • Darren (cameo)
  • Daniel (cameo)
  • Eric as Vito (cameo)
  • Zack as Jacob (cameo)
  • Joey as Kevin
  • Eric as CJ
  • Lara Jill Miller As Puppy Clifford


  • (Aaron walks somewhere, then he sees the movie poster.)
  • Aaron: (surprised) Oh my god! Clifford's puppy days the movie is now in theaters! I better ask my dad!
  • (At Aaron's house)
  • Aaron: Hey Dad, can I see Clifford's puppy days the movie? in theaters?
  • Dad: No, Today is a busy day. You have to clean your room.
  • Aaron: Darn, I want to see it!
  • Dad: No, Aaron. Go to your room.
  • Aaron: Fine.
  • (At Aaron's room)
  • Aaron: My room looks messy. (scheming) Wait a minute, I have an idea: I'll go to the movies
  • (Aaron exits the house and runs super fast all the way to the movies)
  • Ticket Manager: Welcome to the movies, what movie would you like to see?
  • Aaron: I would like to see Clifford's puppy days the movie please?
  • Ticket Manager: Here you go, enjoy the movie.
  • Theatre Manager: The movie will start in 3, hope you enjoy it!
  • Aaron: Yay! This is going to be great!
  • Announcer: Coming soon to theaters.
  • Aaron: Yay! The trailer is starting.
  • Puppy Clifford: Hello welcome to my movie, get ready to begin
  • Aaron: Yay! now its starting
  • (Started the movie trailer)
  • (Number total of seconds, minutes, and hours later...)
  • Aaron: That was good.
  • Dad: Aaron, how dare you go to the movies to see Clifford's puppy days the movie while grounded?! That's it! You're grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded for 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 years, go to bed now


  • Baxter, Gunther, Joyce, Jane, Eric, Zack, Vito, and CJ appeared in the episode. Clifford's Puppy Days; The Movie Is Macaulay Culkin's First Film As A Film Director.

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