Aaron: Hey Dad?

Dad: what is it Aaron?

Aaron: Can i get Toy Story 3 On DVD?

Dad: NO!

Aaron: But Toy Story is the best Movie ever. Why Not?

Dad: Because You are Grounded. if you get that DVD just like you got Owen in 5th Grade: Season 1 on DVD, you will be grounded even more.

Aaron: OK Dad.

Mom: Aaron i'm going to go to Walmart. Dad is seeping so don't bother him.

Aaron: OK Mom.

Aaron: time to get Toy Story 3 On DVD.

Guy: Hi. Welcome to the video store. how may i help you?

Aaron: do you have Toy Story 3 on DVD.

Guy: Here you go. Enjoy you new DVD.

Aaron: Yay! i finally got Toy Story 3 On DVD.

Dad: Aaron. what's in the video store bag.

Aaron: Got a DVD for mom.

Dad: what me see it.

Dad: Aaron how dare you get Toy Story 3 on DVD While grounded? That's it. you are Grounded Grounded Grounded Grounded grounded Grounded for 2000 Years.

Dad: Go to your Room right now and i will Take Toy Story 3 back to the video store.

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