The Better Choice version of Adrianna Jumps Into Her Laptop And Gets Grounded.


Adriana: I'm going to jump into my laptop.

(Adriana jumps into her laptop)

Adriana: I'm in my laptop! Now, I'll run around and surf the web!

(Adriana runs and flies around the Internet)

(Later, Adriana's dad comes along and wonders where Adriana is)

Adriana's dad: Adriana?

(Adriana comes out of her laptop)

Adriana: Yes, dad?

Adriana's Dad: Where were you?

Adriana: I jumped into my laptop!

Adriana's dad: How come you did that?

Adriana: I wanted to surf the web!

(Adriana's dad laughs)

Adriana's dad: Oh, Adriana! You don't surf the web in the literal sense! You're so full of baloney!

Adriana: Does he think I'm full of baloney? I don't think I am.

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