Ajax before when he was shot

Ajax when shot

Ajax when he was killed by Rocko Valence

Ajax was Sister Jigglypuff's brother and a GoAnimate Marine.

Voice: Young Guy, Wiseguy (when scared), Kidaroo (when furious)

Ajax's early life

Ajax was born in GoAnimate City in 1989. Sister Jigglypuff was born in 2002. Ajax's dad, Joseph, joined the GoAnimate Marines. Ajax followed in his father's footsteps and became a GoAnimate Marine. Later in 2011, when he was 22, he became a Colonel 55 Commander.

Ajax's death

On May 1, 2014, he was shot by Eric Smith's hired assassin Rocko Valence in GoAnimate Hotel with a P228 pistol with an suppressor while Ajax was getting in his BMW. He was shot a lot in his left leg and in the left eye and there was a huge cut in his left cheek. When Ajax's father came out to see what was going on, Rocko shot and killed him as well. Ajax and his father are now buried in GoCity Memorial cemetery. Afterwards, Rocko was found by the Minecraft Army Sqaud and was killed when he snuck into a village and held up the village's leader However, The Village's leader had his back of his head skinned off and shot in the Left Angle of The Leader's Kidney

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