Alex Hernandez's GoAnimate form made by Patrick1100

This is about Alex Hernandez, Who is known to be popular with his ask episodes which are awesome, he is one of the good people online, You better not mess with him or me, (P1100) or him will block you. Now let's head on, he is a goanimator that was created with a free plan, he created it in April 2014 but I am still surprised, That's what is good. Evil SBSC should also be punished for doing bad stuff which he requested

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Friends: Me (P1100), Zack G, SBSCLOVER85, Kirby loopsy, Nnez N, DoctorWho Yes GarryDingo No (probably) XSWAGM3RKX (youtube username is: Cyrus Corpus and he is probably friends with him too) SBSC and Of Course His Bestie Wife ( Plum Pudding which his his Wife, good couple, ( | : - D ) And SBSC's friends

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Haters: Evil plum pudding, Evil Strawberry shortcake, the rest of evil sbsc's friends, Spencer Li (SBKWRules2004 AVGCP) And more enemies which I wouldn't know. This Wikia Page was made by me (Patrick1100) So, That's all the imformation

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