Alien Zombie is a Infected Human by an Element Humanoid !!!!!

Because Most World's Population into Alien Zombie That They Can Infected People to Turn Them into Zombies.

List of Infected People That Are Turned by Element Humanoid.

1.Business Man

2.Cheeleader Girl

3.Citizen Man


5.Task Force 322 Soldier

6.Police Officer

7.Tank Man Soldier

8.Fire Fighters

9.Business Woman

10.Hazmat Soldier

11. Percy

12. Michael Jackson

13. Paul Walker

14. Tyler(Letter to God)

15. Chef


17.Riot Police Soldier

18.Russian Bikers

19.Michael Clarke Duncan

20.Task Force 322 Scientist

21.Muscluler Soliders

22.Robin williams

23.Richard Attenborough

24.Steve Jobs

25.Marlon Brando

26. AMS Soldiers


28. Waiter

29. FBI Officer

30. mutant

31. alpha mutant

32. cow


Alien Zombie are similar to the Vampire Zombie from the movie Lifeforce(1985) .


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