All Night Talk Show is a sitcom talk show where it all begins. This show was created by shanell0420. This was censored in the UK because of porn talk and curse words.
ANTS logo

The logo.


Two comedy duos, Harry Victoria and James Ernest will must laugh your pants off for more fun such as very funny jokes. Harry and James tell about adventure and action. These comedy duo will make you laugh.


Here are some episodes:

Segments Plots of Episodes Ever Made Stories for Segments Story Plots
"Scribble your Clothes" Harry enjoys a chatroom business; James really hates scribbling on clothes. Interest Babysitting A woman named Carie Dibbs who works on babysitting the Smiths family children.
"Dish the Drama" James and Harry take first lessons on washing the dishes. Disbanding our Club/Spy or Drama? Andrea tries to sign in a club to disband it. The girl, Susie Johnson brings over the teacher, Mrs. Flint, a drama class at a spy club.
"Not a BIG Surprise" Harry loves surprises and was really obsessed with them. Middle Stairs Flint lives in a town calls Middle Stairs.
"We're James and Harry" James and Harry returns to the show to tell a story about a man. Don't Drive OR Drink A man who wants to drink and drive that cannot die for a secret.
"The Moneyman" James becomes a moneyman, a man who is obsessed with money. Dollar Daze A money-loving man becomes a banker who comes face-to-face with a robber.

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