Asking series are the series that usually have names like this: Ask (USER), and they are the Q&A styled series, especially made with GoAnimate or YouTube Video Editor. It's a plagiarism of Ask Orange, the series posted on Annoying Orange's YouTube channel, only in name. They are made by most comedians, including Blue Mario, amsalley94, SuperRobloxian212, TheDqwt (with YouTube Video Editor), Kawaii Sugarbunni (with YouTube Video Editor), colgatepony234 (premiering soon) and even more. Some series are formerly produced, but some of them have plans to be renewed. It stars an animated character (the GoAnimate Comedian's avatar) in front of the news-style table, saying on the start: ‚‚Welcome to the next episode of Ask (USER)", or  ‚‚Welcome to the first episode of Ask (USER)" in the premiere of their series.

Question entering

Only Ask Guyisbackable and Ask Orange use the snipping feature. All other series use the text feature in question typing, especially some of them, as well as Ask MatthewComedianable.


The statistics are first used in Ask Guyisbackable and present, and Ask MatthewComedianable's episode 1. They show how many questions are answered, and how many are deleted questions, the question type that is any question from a single user except the first one (oldest, in time). It is used in Ask Guyisbackable only, but Ask MatthewComedianable allows two or more questions posted by a single user.


In the episode 4 of Ask Guyisbackable, the badges were initialized, and are given to episodes who have special scores. They don't have the badge word in Ask Guyisbackable, while the badges have that word in Ask MatthewComedianable.


Notably, Ask Guyisbackable uses the 16:9 format, because Blue Mario said that "his animations can be enjoyed in full screen". But, Ask MatthewComedianable keeps the old, maybe a format similar than 14:9.

Statistics Colors

In Ask Guyisbackable, blue means (7-10) that the episode got more than 7 questions. Green (10-more) means the questions have at least more than 10 questions, being marked as a regular episode.

Deleted Questions

In Ask Guyisbackable, red (2-more) means that the episode got 2 deleted questions. If an episode has more than 5 question, the episode will be considered the worst. If an episode gets no deleted questions, the 0 will be green. If an episode gets only one deleted question, the 1 will be black.

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