Audience Gets Grounded is an upcoming one shot TV episode. It will be uploaded by Superstar Candy.


Meanwhile at the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Dickson City, Pennsylvania, Alex Piela gives an announcement to make about the World of Goo Allen Organ Concert that he will be playing more songs in the World of Goo Remastered and Unedited Song Sheet: Volume 2. He says it is okay to record videos and take photos while it's going on. The Audience then, escapes from the Church. Superstar Candy, CT Cool, Rosies laugh at the choir loft while later, Alex's family, gets super furious about the escape from Church. Here are the quotes:

Ian Lewis: Oh my god, Audience.

Alex Piela: Get back here audience.

Alex's Grandmother: How could you have not listened to us about escaping?

Kathy Piela Lewis: You know you need to listen to the priest talker.

Alexander Piela: Screw you audience, you are the worst people ever.

Elizabeth Piela: We will now make a movie called Audience Gets Grounded Movie. A Movie where the audience escapes and never comes back and they will never be good.

Maria Lukowski: You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Alex's Grandfather: I have a big idea how about you go out here and get the audience.

Alex Piela: Sure thing, Grandpa. Maria Lukowski & Alexander Piela, let's go.

They then beat up the audience......

Alexander Piela: This is what you get for not coming back. You are super extreme grounded until My Little Pony gets canceled.


Daniel: Ian Lewis & Alex Piela.

Elizabeth: Alex's Grandmother.

Salli: Kathy Piela Lewis

Paul: Alexander Piela

Kate: Maria Lukowski

Catherine: Elizabeth Piela

Alex's Grandfather: Diesel

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