BJ Behaves at Target is a GoAnimate! episode made by SuperMalechi.


BJ goes to the Target store as what Barney has said. At the Target store, Calum1998 wants some pizza and ice cream, and throws a tantrum forcing his mom to (buzzer) him. His mom is mad at him and takes him, grounding him for double senerity. Back at Target, BJ buys some Mac and cheese and orange pop, and Barney is proud of him.


  • Barney - Kidaroo
  • BJ - Kimberly
  • Linny - Kendra
  • Tuck - Kate
  • Ming Ming - Kimberly
  • Calum1998 - Joey
  • Claum1998's Mom - Kimberly


  • Barney has his Season 3 voice and Late 1993/Early 1994-1997/1998-present costume.
  • BJ has his Season 3 voice and Late 1995/1996-1997/1998-present costume.
  • Baby Bop has her Season 2-3 voice and Late 1995/1996-1997/1998-present costume.
  • Riff has his Season 2-present voice and Mid 1993-2008 costume.
  • The Barney costume used in this episode was also seen in "Up We Go".


  • BJ: I got important news. I must go to Target.
  • Barney: Good idea, off you go!
  • BJ: See ya later! (leaves)
  • (BJ walks out of Barney's house. Cut to the inside of Target)
  • Calum1998: (400% loud voice) Mom, I want pizza and ice cream!
  • Calum1998's Mom: Calum, stop being a spoiled brat! Look, everyone is staring at us!
  • Calum1998: (400% loud voice) Mom, you know what?! You have to (buzzer) me! (Buzzer) me! (Buzzer) me! (Buzzer) me! I want pizza and ice cream!
  • Calum1998's Mom: That's it! We are going home! And you are going to be in deep (buzzer)!
  • (She carries Calum out of the Target)
  • Calum1998: (400% loud voice) No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no! (His mom drives him home) (normal voice) Mom, can we please at least go back to get what you said I can have?
  • Calum1998's Mom: (400% loud voice) No! (Normal voice) Not anymore this is your own fault! (At Calum's room) You are grounded (x6) for double serinity for being a brat!
  • Calum1998: It's too late to buy pizza and ice cream, too late nooooooooo!!
  • Calum1998's Mom: (400% loud voice) Stop crying and go to sleep now!
  • (back at the Target store)
  • BJ: Yes! He is gone!
  • Linny: I agree!
  • Tuck: Me too!
  • Ming Ming: Me three!
  • (Barney is in there)
  • BJ: Barney, what is going on?
  • Barney: Calum1998 is just a brat and starts throwing a tantrum and everyone is staring at him and his mom got mad at him and took him home, grounding him for life! Plus, I heard that he had to watch my favorite shows including mine.
  • BJ: Yeah. (To order man) May. I have Mac and cheese and fries?
  • Order Man: Sure. Here you go!
  • BJ: Thanks.
  • Barney: BJ, you behaved. Good job, you are ungrounded!
  • BJ: Thanks, Barney.

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