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BVBFallenangel(aka Lauren M) is a goth girl she lives with her parents and her sister

She was Best Friends With Warren Cook(since hes a Disney fan),Caillou,Colombia and Eric Smith,Dylan McCarthy,Pablo,Frodo,Sam,Pippin,Merry and Bilbo Baggins,Strawberry Shortcake and Evil Strawberry Shortcake,Kirana,Harry Hart,Pinkie Pie,Castiel and Loki

She will make her first appearance in Louielouie95 Productions Dylan 4: The D-Vengers



Black Veil Brides,HIM(Finnish Rock Band),Kamijo,Versailles,Take That,Jersey Boys Musical and Movie,The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Movies,Disney,Disney on Ice,Disneyland Paris,Movies are Made By Disney,Marvel,Star Wars,20th Century Fox(because Disney acquires that company),Warner Bros,The Lord of the Rings Musical,Avengers,McDonalds,Sherlock(BBC),My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic,Halloween Night,Rock Music,Sakamoto Twins,Anime(Vampire Knight,Ouran Host Club and Naruto and Death Note),Supernatural


Justin Bieber,One Direction,Tunak Tunak Tun,Katy Perry,Movies are not made by Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Marvel,Fake VHS openings(After she found out that Warren Cook Made the VHS Opening to The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey had a Disney Logo instead of Warner Bros and New Line Cinema Logo and MGM Logo),Getting Into Trouble,Christmas Music,School,ANT Farm,Shake it Up,Suite Life on Deck,Phineas and Ferb,Glee,Austin and Ally,Victorious

Favorite Movies

The Hobbit,The Lord Of The Rings,Tangled,Kingsman The Secret Service,Guradians of the Galaxy,Thor,Iron Man,Avengers Assemble,Avengers Age of Ultron,Rock of Ages,My Little Pony EG,Disney Movies and Jersey Boys,My Little Pony:EG:Rainbow Rocks,Love and Mercy,Thor:The Dark World,Twilight Saga,Absoulte Beginners and Labyrinth

Favorite Music

HIM(Finnish Band),Black Veil Brides,Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons,Bruno Mars,Kamijo,Versailles PQ,Secilia Luna,Take That,AC/DC,Ozzy Osborne,Madina Lake,Beecake,Kiss,Hoizer,Frank Sinatra,Ed Sherran,Eminem,Ten Second Songs,Fall Out Boy,Green Day,Jersey Boys and The Lord of The Rings The Musical,Disney Songs,Motley Crue,Elliot Minor,The Beach Boys,Sakamoto Twins,Sam Smith,NWA,Ariana Grande,The Weeknd,George Ezra,James Bay,David Bowie


  • She was Born on 23rd January 1998
  • She Had a Love Interest in Loki and Bilbo and Castiel
  • Huge Number 1 fan of BVB and HIM
  • She Had Her Own Series Called Lauren Rants and the spin off will be called Lauren Salutes will set to debut in Summer


  • She Gonna Appear in MonstersIncFTWTTGFTL Go Animate Idol Singing The Cat and The Moon or Now and for always From The Lord of The Rings Musical
  • She Made a Cameo when Caillou sneaks into Love and Mercy Showing