The term baby show is a term for a show containing content that the audience target is very young children, including toddlers and preschool-age children.

How the term got featured

The most popular video, the video that features Eric killing Barney, as of late August 2013, it has 10,000 views. It is uploaded on November 30, 2011 by an user "MicAnimateFive". The video explains Eric how he gets grounded for killing his dad's "favorite TV show character", and is one of the videos that do not have any of the GoPlus voices (Eric's dad is voiced by Simon, a little girl is voiced by Susan and Barney is voiced by Brian, while Eric is voiced by himself).


  • Some people even make killing videos out of baby show characters.
  • Not all grounded videos have baby show characters.
  • Some GoAnimators like baby shows.
  • Baby shows are universally hated, but liked by kids.