Backyardigans - Austin gets Fat at the Souped Up appeared on YouTube September 13, 2015.


  • Pablo ~ Voiced by Young Guy
  • Tyrone ~ Voiced by Zack
  • Uniqua ~ Voiced by Ivy
  • Tasha ~ Voiced by Ivy
  • Austin ~ Voiced by Young Guy
  • Waiter ~ Voiced by Miguel


  • Austin: Man, I'm starving! I am going to Souped Up from Ratatouille.
  • Waiter: Welcome to Souped Up from Ratatouille. May I take your order?
  • Austin: I would like 100 soups, please.
  • Waiter: OK, sure.
  • (Later, Austin eats the 100 soups)
  • Austin: Those soups were delicious! (gets fat) Oh no! I'm fat! Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, and Tasha are going to kill me!
  • Pablo: Oh my gosh!
  • Tyrone: How dare eat at Souped Up from Ratatouille and get fat?
  • Tasha: I can't believe you got fat at Souped Up from Ratatouille!
  • Pablo: (Tarzan yells) Austin! I can't believe you ate at Souped Up from Ratatouille and got fat. That's it, you are grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded for life.
  • Tyrone: Now that means no Souped Up! No Hey Arnold: The Movie! No Popeye: The Movie! No Barnyard the Movie! No Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald: Visitors from Outer Space! No Space Jam! No Cats Don't Dance! No Anastasia! No Iron Giant! No Quest for Camelot! No Bartok the Magnificent! No Prince of Egypt! No King and I! No Chicken Run! No Osmosis Jones! No Daddy Day Care! No Rugrats Movie! No GoAnimate: The Movie! No Polar Express! No Over the Hedge! No Madagascar! No Thomas and the Magic Railroad! No Simpsons Movie! No Shark Tale! No Bee Movie! And furthermore! Until you learn your lesson about getting fat at Souped Up!
  • Austin: What?! You can't do that to me!
  • Uniqua: We can, and we have!
  • Austin: (Swears at Pablo, Tasha, Tyrone, and Uniqua)
  • Tasha: How dare you swear at us! That's it! We are limiting your grounding to three days!
  • Uniqua: Go to your room and watch all of those Don Bluth movies, minus Anastasia and Bartok the Magnificent!
  • Austin: (In Robotnik's voice) No!
  • Pablo: How dare you talk back! Now we are taking your Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Rayman, Jumping Flash, and Croc games away from you for the rest of the year! Now go to your room and start playing Nintendo and Sega games!
  • (Austin slaps Pablo)
  • Austin: No again!
  • Tasha: How dare you slap Pablo!
  • Tyrone: You're no longer allowed to play Living Books and JumpStart games, either! Go to your room and do as you're told! We are tired of your attitude!
  • Austin: (Running and crying) No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! This is the worst day of my life!