Bali Goanimate Style (1)

Bali In Goanimate

Bali is a character from Planet Nemo Animation Bali, Or qubo. In GoAnimate videos, he is a Li'l Peepz character.

Voice: Eric

Favorite Game: Max and Ruby the Video Game, Mario Kart 64, Aooni Series

Favorite TV Series: Guess With Jess, Gofrette, Raa Raa Noisy Lion, Timothy Goes to School, Raggs, Sarah & Duck, ToddWorld, Bali, Doki

Food: Truffle Berry Pie, Candy Pizza, Ice Cream, Cheese Cake, Waffle, Bread

Bali Get Underwear (1)
Bali in human Goanimate Style

Bali is a Human, Is Chibi Peepz.





Ba promo 04

Bali, as he appears in real life.

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