Fan art of Baragon

Baragon was a four-legged reptilian kaiju first appearing in a 1965 Toho film Frankenstein vs. Baragon. His main weapon was his heat ray that he can fire from his mouth and was used to disintegrate rock and dirt, allowing him to burrow through the ground. He was Gigan and Megalon's battle partner.

Name: Baragon

Gender: Male

Height: 20 to 30 meters

Weight: 250 to 10,000 tons

Allies: Gezora, Moguera, Varan, Hedorah, Gigan, Mechagodzilla, King Ghidorah, Orga, Obsidius, Krystalak, Shadow of Red

Major Enemies: Godzilla, Mothra, Anguirus, Solomon, Rodan, Coulden Pettit

First Appearance: Frankenstein Conquers the World

Last Appearance: Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack

Baragon roar

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