While an offscreen character is playing a game, the game is interrupted, it ends up being a fake.



[BatteryMill pokes at Millie, then BatteryMill dissapears and Millie shrinks]

Millie (Using Ivy):Nononononono!

[Millie slides into Glad's mouth and Glad eats her]

[Cut to radial gradient; Millie is seen moving downwards]

[Cut to Barney Error screen]

Barney:We interrupt the game, GoAnimate RPG:Glad's Inside Story with a Barney Error. Do not turn off this system.

[System turns off]

[Cuts back to Barney Error screen with Double Red Alert]

[Earthquake effect]

Barney (Using Kidaroo):Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh! That's it! You are grounded for a million years! I will scare you!

[DoraTheExplorerRules appears on the screen, making Scary Nurse noises]

[The effects stop; a text saying "GOTCHA! It was a fake error designed to scare you" appears on screen.]

[The text changes to "Now back to your game"]

[Cut to radial gradient, Millie is seen in Glad's stomach, which is still radial gradient]

Millie:Oh my gosh, I'll be in here forever.

[Cut back to bedroom, Glad is still standing]

Glad:Oh, that same voice that kept repeating, oh well, that was good.

Characters (In order of appearance)





DoraTheExplorerRules (cameo)


GoAnimate RPG:Glad's Inside Story is a play on Mario & Luigi:Bowser's Inside Story.

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