Baron of Hell

The Baron of Hell as it appears in the classic Doom games.

Baron of hell goanimate

The baron of hell's Comedy World incarnation.

The Baron of Hell is one of the more formidable demons, labeled as the third strongest demon in the classic Doom games, losing only to the Spider Mastermind and the Cyberdemon. They looked like minotaurs with pink torsos and brown or tan legs. They throw green fireballs at you and, for melee combat, scratch you.

These hulking behemoths also appear as quaternary antagonists in Erika Adventures: Makron's Revenge. Only one Baron of Hell is seen in the film, and the only demon who naturally speaks. The Baron engaged RoboFrank in a street fight, and he was eventually defeated by RoboFrank, saying that the Baron gives up. The Baron was still alive afterwards.

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