David Egbert is determined to win the Nintendo Championships, but someone else is interrupting his thunder during the Championships.


(Shows Warner Bros Logo)

(Shows Nintendo Logo)

(Shows GoAnimate Productions Logo)

(Shows David Egbert's Room)

David: Come on! I wanna beat those Dogs!

(screen shows Splatoon)

(screen then shows that Cats win)

David: Yes! Another victory for me!

Mom: David, the Nintendo Championships is starting in 2 weeks, would you like to sign up?

David: Sure mom!

Mom: Okay.

David: Alright, another ranked battle. What? Why does it need to interrupt the game like that?

(screen shows Callie and Marie)

David: Anyways, I have rescued the Great Zapfish, I beat Hyrule Warriors, I am at the max rank. So, I am barely a few steps away from being the master of the Championships. The few steps I am missing, is the mastery of Mario Bros, Ghosts N Goblins, and Metroid. That is my plans to do.


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