Season 1

Title Airdate MBC line The too young line The Noodle Dance TEH 100
My name is baxter May 2011 POOPYDECK I'm too young to buy a NC-17 RATED MOVIE Greffy sings the song randomly to the music Baxter
Then, i'm a robot May 26, 2011 Big Socks! I'm too young to build a big giant nose like Eustace does Worker (Greffy), and Parasite (Jelly The Dog) do it None

January 1st 2012

Bananas in Pajamas! I'm too young to stay on new years eve! Yoshi does it. Baxter
They're Giggle Melons! January 6th 2012 Popopo! I'm too young to be a yucky dog!

dhall1972 dog does it ( you disagree with no one)

Prom Night January 18th 2012 Pororo is a idiotic monkey! I'm too young to work at the school dance. Baxter himself. None
Bye, Bye, Noo-Noo

February 19th


The Teletubbies might be late for school None Bloom from Winx Club does it. None

Season 2

Title The Too Young Line The Noodle Dance MBC Line TEH TOP 100

Baxter gets Grounded

I'm too young for PBAS Himself does it. BJ loses his points in the game Hippo Hunt.

1-8-7-7 Kars4Kids Jingle Singers

Courage The Cowardly Dog Messed UP!! I'm too young to see cartoon Network Greffy does it. BJ and Baby Bop is are the first kids to taste the Giggle Melon. You!
670 Stupid Dogs I'm too young to see BABIES HURT ME! Jelly does it. BJ is in the noodle dance scene the dhall1972 dog (last appearance)



I'm too young to burn down a Western Union

Mona the Vampire does it. YOU CAN JUST GIVE UP THE SHIP Mona the Vampire, Zapman, and Princess Giant
Cheesecakes I am too young to eat cheesecakes... Stella from winx club does it. The one named SAILOR MOON! Sailor Moon
WAY MOBY I'm too young to dare to be stupid! The band Devo perform a cover of the Noodle Dance song. I'm gonna destroy the Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children's HQ because i hate the National CASA soooooooooooooooooooo much! Winx Club cast

Season 3

Title The Too Young Line The Noodle Dance MBC Line TEH TOP 100
Tak to jest I'm to young to eat Polish forest mushroom soup The Polish prime minister does it. TAK JEST! Tommy Pickles