Be the Star! (2008 GoAnimate series)


Comedy, Fantasy, Reality show

Developed by

GoAnimate, Street Long Productions (until 2013)

Theme music by



United States



All seasons:


All episodes:

86 (List of episodes)

Running time

12 minutes and 46 seconds (2008-2010)
10 minutes and 21 seconds (2010-2015)

Production company

Street Long Productions (until 2013)
Go!Animate Pictures
Augenblick Studios
Williams Street


February 21, 2008 - November 21, 2015

Be the Star! is a American Go!Animate series that aired on Go!Animate. The show aired on Go!Animate in February 21, 2008 to November 21, 2015, The show ended because GoAnimate was closing. The show was about a 14 year old kid named Eric who was the announcer of the Be the Star contest, In Season 1-3, The winners was Aaron and Julie. In Season 3-7, The winners was Fred and July. The show was going to be renewed for an 8th season. But when GoAnimate shutted down, They ended Be the Star.

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