• Diesel as Becky's father
  • Kimberly as Becky's mother
  • Kayla as Becky


Becky's father: "Becky just got us arrested and right now she's watching Wimzie's House on PBS Kids."

Becky's mother: "Becky needs to learn her lesson not to get us arrested and not to watch Wimzie's House on PBS Kids."

Becky's father: "Becky, I can't believe you got us arrested and watched Wimzie's House." "You're grounded, grounded, grounded for 5 days." "You are too old for Wimzie's House."

Becky's mother: "You need to learn your lesson and not talk about Wimzie, Horace, Jonas, LouLou, Bo, Rousso, Yaya or Graziella at all."

Becky's father: "Now go upstairs to your bedroom right now, that means no video games or television for another week."

Becky: "But, Mom, Dad, it's a super awesome PBS Kids show."

Becky's mother: "We don't care, Becky, your younger brother likes that show and you're way too old for it."

Becky's father: "You need to learn your lesson and that show is for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners."

Becky's mother: "You'll also know that you're 13 years old and you'll be 14 years old this year on Friday, June 20."

Becky's father: "Right now, I'm gonna call your language arts teacher, Mrs. Jefferson, and she'll have you in the detention room tomorrow afternoon for about 17 minutes."

Becky: "No, no, no, no, no, please, not that, anything but that, I really like that PBS Kids show, it's got some of the voices of the characters from Arthur and Caillou in it."

Becky's mother: "We don't care, Becky, we're giving you several punishments of torture."

Becky: "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, you guys are attacking me that really hurts."

Becky: "I'm terribly sorry for watching Wimzie's House on PBS Kids."

Becky's father: "Go upstairs to bed right now, and don't come out 'til you change your mind."

Becky's mother: "Stay in your bedroom, you're way too old for that television show."

Becky's father: "Well, that takes good care of that."

Becky's mother: "I know, Marty, Ricky is at the play group center and Becky got grounded for 5 days."

Becky's father: "She should really learn her lesson and change her mind about it."

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