Becky Gets in Trouble at School is an GoAnimate! episode. Made by SuperTimmyboy32.


In School, Becky, Dan and Kara are doing Math class with Mrs. Kate. But Becky starting angrilly kicking her desk in class, she called her teacher "Chubby". Then, She gave Becky a detention for 3 hours and she called the detention teacher "Shitty-Ass Teacher" and she gets expelled from school by Mr. Simon and she gets grounded by her parents. Becky need a phone call from school as she apoligizes to Mrs. Kate, Mr. Simon and Mr. Tom for getting in trouble at school. They will grounded her for five million years.


  • Becky (Voiced by Kayla,Princess)
  • Dan (Voiced by Brian)
  • Kara (Voiced by Susan)
  • Mrs. Kate(Voiced by Kate)
  • Mr. Tom (Voiced by Diesel)
  • Mr. Simon (Voiced by Dallas)
  • Becky's Mom (Voiced by Kimberly)
  • Becky's Dad (Voiced by Paul)
  • Becky's Granddad (Voiced by Alan)
  • Kendra Marcot (Voiced by Kendra)

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