Becky VS Kayla is a GoAnimate episode.
Becky VS Kayla

Becky VS Kayla


In School, Becky fight against Kayla because of School fight like a catfight. Later, Becky got sent to the principal office and she told Principal Simon and she got expelled and gets grounded by her parents. Becky was forced to watch  Rugrats, Dora the Explorer, Teletubbies, Sid the Science Kid, and Curious George, and other baby shows.


  • Becky (Voiced by Princess)
  • Kayla (Voiced by Herself)
  • Teacher (Voiced by Alan)
  • Principal (Voiced by Simon)
  • Mom (Voiced by Kate)
  • Dad (Voiced by Paul)
  • Kendra (Voiced by Herself)

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