Becky Kills Her Teacher and Gets Grounded is a GoAnimate episode. This was semi remake of Dyshon Marshall's Bill Kills His Teacher and Gets Grounded for it on youtube.


Becky, Brian and Kara worked on a math by their Teacher Mr. Alan but she tells her not to bring any guns or weapons to school to kill someone. Becky killed him with a pistol and got in extreme trouble, the principal and the police officers called her parents to ground her.


  • Becky (Played by Danielle Marcot) (Voiced by Kayla)
  • Brian (Voiced by Zack) (cameo)
  • Kara (Voiced by Susan) (cameo)
  • Mr. Alan (Voiced by Alan)
  • Principal (Voiced by Young Guy)
  • Police Officer 1 (Voiced by Dallas)
  • Police Officer 2 (Voiced by Brian)
  • Becky's Mom (Voiced by Kimberly)
  • Becky's Dad (Voiced by Paul)


  • Mr. Alan: Okay class, Your homework is due today.
  • Kimberly Marcot: Becky how dare you kill your teacher? I am so mad at you.

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