Bennett Johnson is a young little kid created by Themandownunder, he is a young little kid who made his debut in bennett gets grounded when he just turned 7. he is the main protagonist in burnout team club's videos. he is now 8 years old.


Birthday: May 25 2008

Age: 8 years old

likes: Everyone including his maker, his sister, Emma, his parents

dislikes: getting harmed, bullies, getting called names, amalia (formely), comedy world retiring, getting bullied and being called young.

Voice: Joey

friends: burnout team club, themandownunder (his creator), linus weber, matthew hurley, bradley, martin starship, amalia, clint, eriane hamburg, randy, ryker and daxton, luke V (formerly), vittorio brescia, justin and jason wright

enemies: eric team club, amalia (formerly), johnny kyson, nathaniel goldberg, teral mcpack, lacy winkfield, cryer, alexander mcdonna and golden payne


Bennett wears a light blue shirt, dark blue shorts and yellow sandals.


Bennett is allergic to woodchips, cats and dogs. burnout team club thought he was allergic to kiwis but he got told off.

Bennett has a youtube account called bennettthehamsterlover2007 despite the fact he was actually born in 2008

Bennett has a bad temper. if something goes wrong or if he is being yelled at by mean people, he will get upset.

Bennett made a lot of appearences in burnout team club's account than on themandownunder's, he also made an appearence in nicholas greene's goanimate videos.

Bennett used to have a girlfriend but they broke up.

Bennett's parents were diagnosed with voice failure when bennett was a baby.

Bennett used to have a dog named Una and a cousin named Rylan. but Una died from a brain tremour and Rylan died in 2016 due to lung cancer.

After Una's death Bennett started to spend more time with his big sister Emma

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