Bernadette is a character who is created by Cherry The Sackboy,

Bernedette in bitstrip form.

Bernadette's grandfather

Bernadette's grandfather in bitstrip form

Bernadette's grandmother

Bernadette's grandmother in bitstrip form

she has a boyfriend named Justin who is older than her, bernadette is friends with kyla.

Name: Bernadette

Birthday: October 25th


Grade: 4th

Voice: Tween girl

Hair color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Boyfriend: Justin

Likes: Taking a walk, her grandparents, going to movies, school, cleaning, helping her grandmother and grandfather, spinach(she Used to hate to eat the spinch when she was a child. otherwise, she start to liking it), her boyfriend

Dislike: Mean people, bullies, some troublemakers,

Friends: Ms. Higgins, principal franklin, her classmates

Family: Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Martha(grandmother) voiced by belle

   George(grandfather) voiced by Lawrence


Henrietta(future daugther)(final series)

Stephen(future son)(final series )