In this episode, Blue hates Chuck E Cheese, so she changes it into Deadl E Cheese, but when Charlie came, Blue told her that she changed it into Deadl E Chhese, so she uses her phone to call Owen and Claire about what Blue did, when Blue came to the Raptor Pen, Owen grounds Blue for life.


Blue. *BLEEP*! I hate Chuck E Cheese, forget about Chuck E Cheese, I'm fr**king changing it into Deadl E Cheese.

(Chuck E Cheese gets changed into Deadl E Cheese)

Blue. Deadl E Cheese, where a kid can die because I hate children, (roaring).

Charlie. I am going to Chuck E Cheese to eat pizza, and if I have time, I might kill some visitors, but I can't go on the rides cause that'll be embarrassing (the Dunn Dun Dunnnnnnnnnnnn sound plays) OMG, what happened to Chuck E Cheese, Blue, did you change it into "Deadl E Cheese"!

Blue. I hate to tell you it, b***ard, but yes.

Charlie. WTH, Blue, you are so grounded for life, I'm going to call Owen, Blue, go to the Raptor Pen now.

Blue. No (10x)

Charlie. Hello, this is Charlie, are you Owen and Claire? Good, did you know what Blue did? What is it? She changed Chuck E Cheese into Deadl E Cheese, ground her for life.

Owen. (on phone) Blue did what? OMG, she is so grounded for life when she comes to the pen, thank you for telling me Charlie?

Charlie. You're welcome, Bye!

Charlie. Now that Blue is gone, I'm changing it back into Chuck E Cheese.

(when Blue got To the Raptor Pen)

Owen. Blue, how dare you changed Chuck E Cheese into Deadl E Cheese.

Blue. But I fr**king hate Chuck E Chrese.

Claire. We don't care, you're grounded forever, go to bed.

Blue. You'll be sorry for this a**holes, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

The End

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