Bonnie the sackboy show is a fantasy/comedy/adevnture short series/film that aired on march 21 2014 by trinity hayes. but it has some grounded scenes of a troublemakers.


the story about a 14 year old sackboy named bonnie who goes adventure with his dog butter.


Bonnie is a very happy and playful sackboy who loves cute things and adventure, everything. he's was identical to sackboy from littlebig planet. he wears his normal outfit in lot of episodes. but, he wears different outfits in some episodes. his voice was ivy

Butter is a bonne's dog. he doesn't speak in entire episodes.

sam and max is a bonnie's classmates.







Ms. Hollister is a ginger woman who's bonnie's teacher.

Principal Belle is a short obese woman.

Some Minor Characters


Bonnie is seen wearing different outfits in some episodes

Bonnie's family is never seen in entire episodes except timeline and holiday extra.

Bonnie is never seen changing his clothes when he wakes up.

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