Bowser-scary voice


Peach (mentioned)

Phil DeVille-Diesel

Kimi Finster-Kimberly


The same villian, Bowser who stole Peach went a bit too far by stealing Phil DeVille's girlfriend. Kimi breaks up with Bowser because not only he stole her but also for kidnapping Princess Peach numerous times. Mario grounds him.


Phil DeVille: Bowser, how dare you steal my girlfriend!

Bowser: I guess means no second dates.

Kimi Finster: Yes, and not only that, we caught you trying to kidnap Princess Peach. I'm calling Mario and I'm never seeing you again.

(at home)

Mario: Bowser, how dare you steal Phil's girlfriend! That was worse than kidnapping my girlfriend, Peach. That's it, you're grounded.

You're banned from kidnapping Peach until Phillip Richard Bill DeVille and Kimi Watanabe-Finster get married. Go to your room!


Mario: Kimi, I'm glad Bowser broke up with you. He'll never steal you or Peach. 

Phil DeVille: That's what he gets for stealing first Peach, then my girlfriend.

Mario: You are now ungrounded.

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