Brian (GoAnimate)


Brian is one of the most used Go!Animate characters. He wears beige pants, light brown hair, white shoes, and a red hoodie. He is one of the main voices of GoAnimate

Name: Brian Barcastin

Voice: Himself, David/Evil Genius/Zack (Brian Foster), Joey (Coulden Pettit's Brian), Brian (Walshmjoey's Brian)


Date of Birth: January 4th, 100000 B.c

Brian is made by adamkleinschmidt2003, and luccieighteen

Age: 102011 (First Grounded Video) 102018 (Age In 2018)

Gender: Male

Grade: Unkown

Job: Unknown

Favorite Food: Tacos

Friends: Eric, Erika, Aaron, Tom, Kevin, Becky, Lexi, Thrax, Judge Doom, The Weasels, Rugrats, Paramount Pictures (1995) logo, Baxter, PinguplayingAFL29, Alphonso Mackenzie, Leo Fitz, Phil Coulson, S.H.I.E.L.D Agents

Enemies: Bad users, Osama Bin Laden, Greedo And other bad users or parents

He also appears in Justin gets Grounded as Justin's bully and first appeared in the deleted scene of Justin goes to the Movies.

He can also be seen all over GoAnimate city.