is a episode.


  • Joey as Brian
  • Eric as Warren Cook
  • Alan as Alan Cook
  • Diesel as Brian's Dad
  • Kimberly as Brian's Mom


  • Brian: Let's see If Warren Cook hasn't made anymore Fake VHS Openings.
  • (A Fake VHS Opening appears on YouTube)
  • Brian: What the F***? Warren Cook made a Fake VHS Opening! That's It! I'm killing him right now!
  • (Brian goes straight to Warren Cook)
  • Brian: I'm gonna kill you Warren Cook!
  • Warren Cook: No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No! Please don't kill me!
  • Brian: Shut Up! I'm going to kill you! 3.. 2.. 1.. START!
  • (Brian Throws a Bomb to Warren Cook and appears the WTF Boom sound)
  • Brian: Yay! I killed Warren Cook!
  • (Alan Cook appears)
  • Alan Cook: Brian! What you did to my son?
  • Brian: I killed him.
  • Alan Cook: Brian! I'm so glad you killed my son. I'm calling your parents on the phone!
  • (Alan Cook makes a phone call to Brian's Parents)
  • Alan Cook: Hello Mr. and Mrs. Brian!
  • Brian's Dad: What Is It Alan Cook?
  • Alan Cook: Your son killed Warren. He's the worst user ever on YouTube.
  • Brian's Mom: Really? My Son's Ungrounded.
  • (Brian's Parents take Brian to home)
  • Brian's Dad: Brian! You killed Warren Cook! You are Ungrounded!
  • Brian's Mom: And This Means You Can Do Whatever You Want.

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