Brian- himself

Computer voice- Alan

Principal- Alan

Principal's yelling voice- kidaroo

Phil DeVille- Diesel

Kimi Finster- Kimberly


Brian was looking up something in school when the internet plugin was not working. To this he called the system administrator stupid and got sent to the principal's office. He gets expelled afterwards.


Brian: Here I am on the computer. Why is this system going slow?

Computer voice: This program is not responding due to a long-running script. Do you want to stop it?

Brian: No, stupid.

Computer voice: How dare you call me stupid? How dare you defy me? I was only trying to help you!

Brian: I do not give a damn.

Computer voice: Go to the principal's office!

Principal: So Brian, why are you here?

Brian: I called the computer stupid when it asked me if I wanted to stop the plugin.

Principal (shouting): You do not call your computer stupid. If it is only trying to help you if a plugin goes wrong, stop it right now. You are expelled for 17 long years!


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