Bridgette is a female character of GoAnimate who is created by Trinity Hayes. She's elder sister of Sabrina. She even same height as Sabrina. Bridgette look like lot NickComedian1997, but has green eyes and taller than him. She always ground her younger sister, Sabrina, along with her mom and dad. She wears a yellow shirt, light blue pants, and pink shoes. She's doesn't get in trouble that much


Name: Bridgette( her family and everyone will call her bridget)

Age: 20

Grade: 11th

Hometown: Australia

Moved to: United States

Nationally: Australian-American

Birthday: March 18th 1998

Hair color: Maroon

Eye Color: Green

Height: 6'5

Voice: Princess

Signature colors: Gold

Likes: Girl shows include Sabrina The Teenager Witch, My Little Pony, That's So Raven, Barbie, Totally Spies, Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, Bratz, Monster High, Dora The Explorer, iCarly, Wizard Of Waverly Place, High School Musical, Phineas and Ferb, Kim Possible, Tinkerbell and friends, Little Mermaid, Disney princesses, Hello Kitty, Pop songs, Country songs lover.

Dislike: When her sister doing bad things.

Family: Alan(father)


Sabrina(younger sister)

As a adult Bridgette wears same shirt, light blue shorts, white sandals, has a long hair.