Butterfly1997 is a well-known autistic experienced GoAnimate user who joined GoAnimate since July 31 , 2012. 

Butterfly1997 in goanimate life

Real name

Trinity Gerdlin Hayes




March, 2 1997


Baltimore, Maryland



Hair color

Black(GoAnimate & kisekae life)Black with ombre(real life)

Eye color

Dark brown




Drawing, Facebook, Youtube, animals, app games, art, computer, disney, dress up games, family, feeding ducks, friends, music, pizza, powerpuff girls, reading, rinmaru games, spending time with family, the sims, web surfing, flowers, butterflies, outdoors plants, making videos, animating


Rude people, bullying, ones who think it's good to make fun of people of any groups, judgements, being treated differently, being ignored, shrimps


'Carrotkiller101studio, NickComedian1997, Calebcomedian, Midknightcomedian2001, Amsally94, Zscriv, And Nintendofan20, Caroline0204, Ashercomedian2001, louielouie95, paultheninja203,  Pancakelover123456789, HeroesYesVillainsNo, PainlessPentagram,galaxylifefan64, StarWarsAndCODFan1999, ILoveCaroline0204, Dora rocks, warren cook, Captain American fan, Memy9909, Baxter, PlantsvsZombies9909, briancomedian2013 , My little pony friend, Sam chen, Taylor JoliCoeur, savoy2121, 'Eric Eripcson, Jack dawson, fluttergirl, princess matilda, Kristin konkle, SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY, KodyTheCartoonGuy, VenusComedian1995, Optimus500050, Alex Kimble, Tigrus879, Mitsuki GoAnimate Fan,  OptimusprimeYesMegatronNo,  KeybirdComedian Vevo, Camille. Jessica, tristan, dariusdog, User 695752331, sophie the otter(formerly, due to judging trinity's ocs), igor the mii(formerly, due to judging trinity's ocs ), skylar hawkins and other people


Those who were mean to her


Traits: Kind, calm, quiet, sweet, caring, confident, easygoing, outgoing, friendly, helpful, smart, mature, sometimes shy


Butterfly is a African American woman with black long curly hair, large dark brown eyes, dark complexion, chubby body type with small bust, black thin eyebrows, average height, large head, childlike chibish facial features. Butterfly wear long sleeved pink shirt, light blue jeans, black shoes


Me in kisekae 2

Trinity in kisekae form

  • It's unknown if her male counterpart Tristan was her boyfriend/husband and they may have been close friends
  • Butterfly only make videos twice a week
  • Purple is butterfly's most favorite color
  • She's one of several GoAnimators that still active till present .
  • Me in plotagon

    Butterfly in plotagon

    Sp-studio me

    Butterfly in south park form

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