• CJ Porritt (voice, Eric)
  • Memy9909 (voice, Joey)
  • Susan (voice, Susan)
  • Otis (voice, David)
  • Broomy (voice, ????)


  • Memy9909: I'm Memy Thousands AKA Memy9909 I will delete Dragondawn's account.
  • CJ: Hey, that's his account! I'm going to kill him! Hey, Memy, you will die. Ready Broomy?
  • Broomy: Yes!
  • CJ: Fire
  • Memy: Noooooooooo!!!
  • (CJ kills Memy9909 with sound WTF BOOM: What the fu..BOOOM, (Evil Laugh))
  • CJ: Memy is dead for good.
  • Otis: CJ, thanks for killing Memy.
  • Susan: Yeah, CJ.
  • CJ: Thanks, Guys.

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