Cadence Penford is Milton's girlfriend.

Friends: Victor, Beyonce, Drake, Mike, Keith, Danny, Juan, Thomas, James, Paul Cucchiella, And Diesel Busters

Enemies: Gary Flint, shyGriffin (YouTube user), King

Siblings: Dylan, Lucas

Born: May 1, 1999 (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada - but she grew up in Dallas, Texas, USA)

Age: 17

Voice: Ivy (Until October 31, 2016) Princess (Currently)

Dad's voice: Joey (Until October 31, 2016) Steven (Currently)

Mom's voice: Amy (Until October 31, 2016) Kate (Currently)

Boyfriend: Milton

Best friend: Melissa

Friend: April

German name: Kadenz

Dutch name: Cadans

Spanish name: Cadencia

Latin name: Gellius

Polish name: Rytm

Russian name: Myштpa

Norwegian name: Tråkkfrekvens

Finnish name: Kadense

Swedish name: Kadens

Italian name: Cadenza

Danish name: Kadence

Czech name: Kadence

French name: Cadence

Portuguese name: Cadência

Estonian name: Rütm

Slovak name: Kadencia

Serbian name: Cadence

Hungarian name: Lépésszám

Turkish name: Ritim

Indonesian Name: Íräma

Married: June 1, 2020

Cousins: Keith and Kim

Grounded Series Planned: 2018

Favorite Thing: Go out with Milton

Favourite Movie: The Secret Life of Pets

Favourite Halloween Costume: Superheroine

Favorite Costume: Princess