This is a video created by Captain Giratina. It is a video of how Caillou commits suicide due to his abusive family and meets Jesus in heaven.


  • 2014 Comedic Hungs' Award For Short Animation
  • 2014 Most Emotional GoAnimate Video Award



Video Link


  • Caillou
  • Boris
  • Doris
  • Rosie
  • Jesus Christ


Scene 1:

*Caillou and family are standing in living room, Boris, Doris, and Rosie are acting very angry, Caillou crying, dramatic music playing in background.*

Boris: "Caillou, you're grounded, grounded, grounded for life! Go to your room right now, you pointless peice of crap!"

*Caillou walks away to room*

Scene 2:

*Caillou is in his bedroom. on his bed, crying and talking to himself*

Caillou: "Why? Why do I get grounded and abused all the time? It's just not fair! I can't live like this! Getting grounded all the time! I just want to live a life! But I can't do it! I'm trapped in this hell! I've gotta end this right now!"

*Caillou walks off the screen*

Scene 3:

*Caillou walks into parent's bedroom and kneels down on floor, still crying*

*Gun aims at Caillou's face*

Caillou: "I don't want to do this! But it's the only way out!"

*Gun reloads*

Caillou: "Goodbye, cruel world!"

Scene 4:

*Sound of gun firing is heard, what appears to be blood splashes on the screen*

Scene 5:

*Boris walks in room, angry*

Boris: "Caillou, what are you doing!?"

*Speechless expression appears on Boris' face, Boris kneels down and starts to cry*

Boris: "Oh...Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!"

*Doris walks in room with with concerned expression on face*

Doris: "Honey, what's going on?"

*Dramatic music ends, Doris has speechless expression on face*

Boris: "Caillou...He's...he's dead...He committed suicide..."

*Doris cries, still standing up*

*Rosie enters room with worried look, walks towards Caillou*

Rosie: "Mommy, what's going on? Why is Caillou sleeping, and covered in blood?"

Boris: "Rosie, I'm afraid Caillou is permanently sleeping."

*Rosie turns head towards Boris*

Rosie: "He's not gonna wake up!?"

Doris: "I'm afraid not, Rosie."

*Rosie starts waving arms and crying*

Rosie: "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!!! Why did Caillou fall asleep?"

Doris: "I think we went too far on him."

*Screen darkens till black*

Scene 6:

*Majestic music starts to play*

*Caillou is drifted up to heaven with concerned look on face*

Caillou: " this heaven?"

*Caillou has excited look on face*

*Screen turns toward Jesus, away from Caillou*

*Jesus waves*

Caillou: "Are you who I think [you are]?"

Jesus: "Of course, I am Jesus Christ, why did you die?"

*Jesus has concerned look on face*

*Caillou has saddened look on face*

Caillou: "Well, my family was abusive to me, [they kept] grounding me for dumb reasons, so, I committed suicide, cause death was the only way out."

*Jesus has saddened look on face*

*Caillou starts crying*

Caillou: "Please don't send me to hell! Everyone made fun of me, telling me to burn in hell!"

*Music fades out*

*Jesus shakes head approvingly*

Jesus: "It's okay, since you weren't evil in your past life, I won't send you to hell!"

*Jesus and Caillou have approving expressions on faces*

Jesus: "At least you're in a better place now!"

*Jesus shakes head approvingly, halo ring appears above Caillou's head, Caillou's expression turns delighted for a moment*

*Screen fades out into darkness*

Scene 7:

*GoAnimate preview appears*

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