Caillou: The Movie is a 2013 film based off of Caillou: The Series, it has only earned $5 and the person who spent 5 dollars (African Vulture) distributed the the full movie onto YouTube.


Caillou got grounded for 1,000,000 milleniums so he decides to take over the world, his mom and dad had Rosie. Caillou then invades good cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Chuckie Finster, and SpongeBob. Then it turns to when Caillou's mom and dad have rosie, When caillou saw Rosie (when she was 6 months old, he flushed her down the school toilet.


  • The copyright date in the credits said 2003, although it was released 2013.
  • When Dora makes her minor cameo in the crowd, she first is Alan the Video Maker's dora, once Caillou says "I love Barney, Barney loves you. all barney haters are crap" Dora turns into her average look
  • In one scene when Doris first sees Rosie out of her belly, Boris is not HD, but once Boris gets out of the hospital, he is HD, like the rest of the characters.
  • In the first scenes when Caillou is grounded, he has the rectangle eyes, but once he causes trouble, his eyes are the old circle eyes.

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