Caillou is the main protagonist of the Evil Caillou Gets Grounded series, the tritagonist of the Rosie Gets Ungrounded series, and the main protagonist of the Caillou Gets Ungrounded series by Caillou Fanatic Est 2004. He is based on the PBS Kids TV show of the same name (Caillou)


Caillou is a 25-year-old young adult. He wears a yellow T-shirt, blue shorts, and red shoes. He looks like his 4-year-old boy counterpart in the original Caillou (even though he is in his twenties). He sometimes plays his piano.

Role in ECGG: He mostly grounds Evil Caillou a lot. Sometimes, He also gives Evil Caillou a punishment day, Assaults him, or kills him. whenever he abuses him. He was once bald in a episode of Evil Caillou Gets Grounded.

Role in RGUG: He ungrounds Rosie with his parents. He also gives Rosie a Reward.

Role in CGUG: He is the one who will get ungrounded. Boris, Doris, and Rosie will unground him or give him a reward day


If Caillou was 4 when the real series premiered on September 15, 1997, he was born on September 15, 1993 and now is 25,


Caillou is a young adult who likes grounding evil Caillou, or ungrounding Rosie, in some videos by Caillou Fanatic Est 2004, He plays his piano