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Caillou as seen on the Caillou Gets Grounded series and the Dora Gets Grounded series

This is the Caillou Gets Grounded version of Caillou, for the Evil Caillou Gets Grounded version of him, click here

Caillou is the main antagonist in the Caillou gets grounded series and the secondary antagonist of the Dora Gets Grounded series. He is a 4 (or 12) year old sociopath who always gets in trouble and is abused by his equally sociopathic parents who don't know how to properly take care of kids and give him unreasonable punishments. He has done thousands of exploits; from sneaking to Chuck E Cheese's to committing serious crimes that would be impossible for a 4/12 year old kid to do, and even attempting to cause the Purge once. He gets grounded everyday due to misbehaving 24/7.

He has 3 younger siblings, Rosie, Cody and Daisy (and sometimes Emily). He is the most hated kid on GoAnimate, because... well, just search up "Caillou gets grounded". No other explanation needed...

He went to preschool in GoCity Elementary School. 

He also likes most baby shows, except Dora the Explorer, and Fake VHS Openings, and he hates getting in trouble and grounded. He hates almost everyone. 

Caillou's first appearance on TV was on September 15, 1997, on the Canadian channel Teletoon. His real birthday is unclear, but it's presumed to be in April or December.


Caillou Anderson

Caillou up to mischief

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How he looks in the TV Tie-in Series of books, and the TV series.