Caillou Beats Up Rosie for trying to get back Business Friendly/Ungrounded is the upcoming TV episode of American series, Rosie Gets Grounded. This episode comes before Rosie Kills Caillou for trying to turn Business Friendly back into comedy world/Caillou goes to heaven/Rosie gets executed and goes to hell.


Caillou is at his room, sleeping when he hears rumbling, he goes in to investigate, Rosie tries to turn Comedy World into Business Friendly. He then stops Business Friendly before beating up Rosie. This is how he saves comedy world. When Boris and Doris hear a beating sound coming from Rosie's room, they go in to investigate, they find out Caillou beat up Rosie because to stop Business Friendly, Comedy World is better. So Boris and Doris Unground Caillou and reward him to blow up Peter Piper Pizza on the way to go to Chuck E. Cheese's. Rosie deserves Peter Piper Pizza to be blown up for trying to get back Business Friendly. Rosie then gets forced to go to Chuck E. Cheese's before Doris and Boris ground Rosie, make her eat Chuck E. Cheese's pepperoni pizza. Caillou's Favorite Restauraunt is Chuck E. Cheese's because the pizza tastes good, the games are fun, & no scary rides because Caillou hates Roller Coasters. There are no Roller Coasters at Chuck E. Cheese's, only at Peter Piper Pizza. When Caillou's family get home after finishing the Pizza and completing all the games, Doris, Boris, & Caillou keep an eye on Rosie that she better not be sneaking to watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, because she is grounded.


Ivy: Caillou

Emma: Rosie

Julie: Doris

Eric: Boris

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