Caillou Beats Up Samm1133 And Goes To Jail is a Goanimate episode. Caillou really hates Samm1133 so he wants to Beat Him up. He Finds Samm1133 dancing in his room and Caillou chases after him. They race past Tom and PC Guy Tom asks PC Guy who was chasing Samm1133 PC Guy Say's he dosen't know then he thinks he knows who is chasing Samm1133 Caillou. Tom and PC Guy then chase after Caillou. Meanwhile Boris is watching the News when The News Reporter Says that Caillou is chasing Samm1133 and he shows the chase and he says if you see him get him. Boris walks out of his house and chases after Caillou. Samm1133 runs out of breath and then Caillou beats him up very hard. Samm1133 was very damaged and Caillou didn't care. Then Caillou notices his Dad and tries to run away but Tom and PC Guy block his way and then the Police arrive and take Caillou to jail. Samm1133 is at the hospital and his Dad asks him if he is ok. Samm1133 says yes but he is worried him he is still Grounded but he isn't. Meanwhile at the jail Caillou is in deep trouble and he is in jail forever.


Eric as Samm1133

Diesel as Samm1133's Dad

David as Caillou

Eric as Boris

David as The News Reporter

Eric as The Policeman

Eric As Tom


Caillou: Man i really hate Samm1133 i am going to beat him up.

(Samm1133 is dancing in his room)

Caillou: Samm1133 i am here to beat you up


(Samm1133 and Caillou race past Tom and PC Guy)

Tom: Umumumumumum Dad who was that chasing Samm1133?

PC Guy: I Don't Know Tom.

PC Guy: Wait a Minute i think i know who is chasing Samm1133 Caillou.

Tom: After Him!

Samm1133: Someone help me!

Boris: Time to see what's on the news

News Reporter: Breaking news a 4 Year Old boy named Caillou is chasing Samm1133 and here's the chase

(News Reporter shows the chase)

News Reporter: and if you see him get him.

(Boris leaves his house)

Samm1133: Man i am out of breath!


(Caillou Beats Samm1133 Up)

Samm1133: Ow that hurt alot!

Caillou: I don't care

Caillou: Oh no my Dad is here i better get out of here

PC Guy: Not so fast!

Policeman: You are now Arrested

Samm1133's Dad: Samm1133 are you ok?

Samm1133: Yes and am i still grounded?

Samm1133's Dad: No.


Policeman: You are now in Jail forever.


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