Caillou Behaves at Mcdonalds/Ungrounded/Rosie Misbehaves at Mcdonalds/Grounded is the upcoming TV episode of American series, Rosie Gets Grounded.


Caillou and Rosie go to Mcdonalds with Boris and Doris. Caillou wants Cheeseburgers Plain. Rosie wants Ice Cream. Doris wants Salad. Boris wants Cheeseburgers. But Ice Cream was sold out. Boris says that Rosie would like Cheeseburgers Plain but she said no. Boris does that so Rosie would not start tantrums. When Rosie refuses to eat the Cheeseburgers, she then destroys the whole table and hurts Caillou, resulting in a tantrum.


Shy Girl: Caillou

Ivy: Rosie

Julie: Doris

Eric: Boris

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